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Digital and Interactive Media Strategist with over twelve years' experience across creative development, cross-platform production, real-time marketing, product management and editorial journalism.



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My Facebook Lookback Video

Here are highlights from my seven years on Facebook…although, most of my college photos are all private, so…it’s more like a lookback at the last three ◕‿↼

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Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness. Also known as the video where Mike Tyson returns that piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear. I do not know how much Footlocker paid those two for that, but dayum! Thank you, Footlocker. Made my week!

Mum’s Coffee

Bought my parents a coffee machine. My mum now thinks everyone owes her 13.50 every time she makes them a cup of coffee. #ThankYouStarbucks 

She claims my dad owes her 27 for this morning. She’s in no way serious and I think it’s her own way of satirizing how much we usually pay for a barista to sulk at us but I just find the exchange hysterical. 

My dad turned around pointed at me and said, “isn’t it his coffee?” 

If this is what it means to grow older, in that you get funnier, bring it on!

Your one five

At the PJ digital mall trying to get a wireless Qi charger for my Nexus 5. Dude says, “Your phone cannot use. Too old. Now got Nexus 7.” Tried to set him straight, that the Nexus 7 is a tablet and that mine is a new phone. Homeboy does a facepalm and tells me, “aiyah, you don’t know wan lah, your one five, now already got seven.” 

I just walked away.

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